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Peoplestown Tree
Peoplestown Tree - 2010
Kinetic kid powered sculpture for Beltline Park, Atlanta. Artist Rob Witherspoon
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Vice Kiosk
Vice Kiosk Podiums - 2010
Podiums for Vice, Fever Creative
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Horn Section
Horn Section - 2009
Kinetic wind powered sculpture for Cleopas Johnson Park, Atlanta. Engineered for Zachary Coffin
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Too Smart City
Too Smart City - 2009
Intelligent, robotic street furniture.
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Solar RockSpinner
Solar RockSpinner - 2008
Solar and kid powered sculpture at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Engineered for Zachary Coffin.
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pedal powered tennis ball launcher
PPTBL - 2007
Pedal Powered Tennis Ball Launcher created as an entry for the Innovate-or-Die Contest.
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Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon House
Solar House Shade System - 2007
Designed a chain drive system to move roof shade panels on the Georgia Tech Solar House.
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RockSpinner - 2007
Motorized and interactive spinning boulder presented at the Southeast Flower Show in Atlanta.
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Breeze robotic tree
Robotany - 2006
Creating a living robotic tree that reacts to its environment.
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temple of fear
Temple of Fear - 2006
Monumental pyramid created from over 300 recycled dead trees.
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Rockspinner Roberts Rock
Robert's Rock - 2005
Engineering and CAD design for a 15,000lb spinning granite boulder.
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Colossus - Burningman 2005

Colossus - 2005
An interactive, monumental sculpture by artist Zachary Coffin.
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Balancing Robot
Balancing Robot - 2004
A small self balancing robot.
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Facet Technologies

Facet Technologies - 2002-04
Medical product design and Manufacturing Process.
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Holonomic Wheel
Holonomic Powered Wheel
A wheel that permits powered motion in any direction.
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Autonomous, BattleBots, Arms, Electronic Circuits.
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Published Papers, Optics, Biomechanics
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Interactive, mixed media, and art?
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