Colossus is a interactive, monumental steel and stone sculpture measuring 70 feet in height, and weighing 60,000 lbs. It was invisioned by artist Zachary Coffin, and designed by mechanical engineers Corbett Griffith (head) and Daniel Bauen. 

From each boulder hangs a rope which people can pull to spin the sculpture and also move each boulder individually. The arms attached to the boulders are linked to the crown (silver spikes). Moving the boulders results in a direct interaction with the crown, causing the spikes to tilt up and down.

The mechanical design of the sculpture was performed using Pro-Engineer. Simulation and Analysis was also performed in Pro-E. Once the final design was achieved, plate files were exported to Auto Cad, and sent to steel cutting facilities. The sculpture then only needed to be welded together, with no machining required.




The people are pulling the sculpture.  They appear to be moving backwards in the time lapsed video because the frames were reversed to create an interesting effect.