Sherline Mill (Milling Machine)

Posted by admin on October 10, 2011

Click here to view a Tear Down of the Sherline Mill at the Take Aparts website.

ER16 Collet System

I've read that the ER16 collet system is ideal for the size range of these milling machines. I believe some of the Taig machines come standard with the ER16 Collet Chuck.

ER16 Collet Chuck

The Sherline has a #1 Morse Taper (MT1 or 1MT) in the spindle head. Thanks to Ebay, you can finde MT1 ER16 Collet Chucks.  The other option is a 3/4-16 thread ER16 Collet chuck. The MT1 is probably better for proper alignment.  The 3/4-16 thread chuck might be good for the lathe, because you can pass material through the chuck.

The following chuck was found on Ebay for ~ $25 shipped.  The runout is speced as 0.0005, which is not as good as high end chucks, but should be good enough for this use.  Search "MT1 ER16" in order to find it.

UPDATE: I received it, and tested it out in the Lathe.  Works great, and runout on the inner surface of the chuck was less than 0.0005.  With the collet, runout was 0.0005 while holding a precision ground shaft. The collet nut did have a bur around the entrance that I had to sand down to improve the run out.  Other than that, the quality seems quite good.

MT1 ER16 Chuck on Ebay PDF

ER16 Collet Set

Collet sets can also be found inexpensively on Ebay.  A set of 10 collets covers the range from 3/32 to 3/8in, or 1 to 10mm.  The sets are as cheap as $37 with shipping.  I chose to spend a little more on a TECHNIKS 10 PIECE PRECISION ER16 COLLET SET 3/32 - 3/8" part # 04209IS  It's supposed to have tighter tolerances and lower runout.  Hopefully they are worth the extra cost.  I figure that the last thing I want are wobbly bits.

Here's an interesting article about using the correct size collets to match the cutter shank size.  I almost bought the metric set, which has 1mm increments between collets. 1mm is the max clamping range (0.039") for ER16 Collets. With no overlap in the metric set between the size increments and clamping range, the collets would have to be cranked very tightly for anything close to the lower part of their range.  The inch collets have a 1/32 (0.03125) inch increment, which is smaller than the clamping range. This allows for some overlap, and will be easier to find a collet that fits more snugly. Of course, this also means that more collets are required to cover the same range. I'll be using inch cutters anyways, so the inch set is more suitable.  I was only interested in the metric set, because it had smaller sizes than the inch set.

ER Collet Conundrum Article PDF

MicroMark ER Collet Set for Milling Machines and Lathes

Micromark sells a full set, MT1 ER16 chuck and collets for $64.00. If I had not already purchased these seperatly, I would have probably purchased it from them.



  1. 2" Precision Toolmakers Vise - On ebay, from sellers such as 800watt
  2. 3" Micromark Precision Toolmakers Vise. Jaws are 2 inches wide x 1 inches deep. Opens to 3-1/4 inches.,9756.html The downside to this vise is that there are no slots on the side for holding down to the table.  Only holes.
Order from 800watt
  1. boring bars -
  2. vise -
  3. magnetic base holder -
  4. 3/8 endmills
  5. 3/16 endmills
  6. ER16 Collet for 3/4-16 thread -
  7. 3/8 lathe tool set -


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