C02 Laser Tube Modified Mounting Bracket

Posted by admin on November 19, 2011

The laser mounts supplied with the plastic parts kit from Buildlog.net were functional, but left a little to be desired.  

  • My first concern was over tightening the screws, and breaking the tube. (when left to my own devices, I have a tendency to over tighten and break things) 
  • The second was breaking the tube during transport due to an overconstrained condition if the frame flexed at all.  
  • Third was ease of installation and removal of the tube.  I'd prefer to just set the tube in the pre-aligned mounts, then loosen at least 1 screw and try to slide the tube in from the end.

Alignment systems that are not subject to high forces, and use 3 point alignment method, generally have 2 points that are adjustable, and the third is compliant. It prevents over constraints, and is easier to adjust, because only 2 points need to be adjusted, and the third automatically moves to compensate.


If the laser mount was designed like this, then it would be easy to align the laser without the worry of breaking it.  Also, it eliminates the need to loosen one screw as the other is tightened.

I thought about wrapping the tube with a strip of rubber at the contact points, to allow for some compliance and prevent slip.  However, this makes all the points compliant, and adjustments would not be as exact.  Also, over time, the rubber can creep, and the laser could loose alignment.

Without knowing how strong the laser tube is, and not wanting to test that, I was concerned about using a spring loaded point.  I also did not know what the required strength of the spring would be to keep the laser in place.

A third of the mount with one of the screws was cut off. Using an extension spring that wrapped part way around the tube would help distribute the point force.  It also allows for compliance if the frame is twisted, and will prevent the laser from breaking.


Below, the mount is shown with the red alignment laser in place.  The spring is attached in a temporary position to support the alignment tool.  The spring will be moved to the screws on the side when the laser is installed.


Posted by Mike Grundvig on
Ha, this post helped me solve a problem I had in my own design. The spring is a great idea!
Posted by Fernanda on
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Posted by Kalle P on
That is a neat tube mount.

I have seen similar made in aluminium for old HeNe laser tubes (though these had an aluminium tube around them)

There is no compelling reason to use 120 degree positioning on your adjustment screws, the spring compliance will work just as well with 90 degree posisioning and the adjustment will be easier to do when the screws work orthogonally and perpendicular to all the machine structures.

Johannesburg, South Africa

P.S. your blogs have suffered a lot of spam
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