Laser Cutter Vector Table Surface Material

Posted by admin on November 2, 2011

1.  Aluminum Egg Crate Return: ~$25 for $9 + ~$15 shipping.

On the forum, they report good results using this aluminum egg crate return.   Supposedly, it's commonly used for fluorescent lighting fixtures, and from what I can tell it's the same thing that, but they charge a premium for cutting to size.

You may want to check a local electrical/hvac supply store.  I found one in Atlanta, called:

Atlanta Supply
1333 Logan Circle
Atlanta, GA 30318

However, I called them to inquire, and at $75, I think I'll risk shipping damage from Surplus City Liquidators.  UPDATE: I purchased and received the egg crate return from SurplusCityLiquidators.  It arrived quickly and in good shape.  It's actually painted white, although the paint is not very thick.  Total with shipping came to $23.  Hopefully the white paint does not have detrimental effects.

Here's an alternate source if you need a lot (share with friends). It's 2 pieces of 2'x4' grid for $57.95+shipping = ~$75.

2. - $80 Considering that it's the same as the Aluminum Egg Crate return, this is expensive stuff for the dimensions that I need.

3. - $225 durable stainless links, but very expensive

4.  Expanded Aluminum -  $62.99 Available from  This is the standard "vector cutting grid" used in laser cutters.  Fragile, and needs to be fully supported.  Laser cutter companies often charge hundreds of dollars for this stuff.


The aluminum egg crate from SurplusCityLiquidators was cheap, and should work great.


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Did you find the white painted egg crate to work well? I suspect this is the powder coating that refers to. I picked up some locally for $21 a big sheet. It is a brushed aluminum finish. I could have also bought the white stuff. I am wondering now if I should have bought the white...
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