Laser - Inline Red Laser Pointer Solution Without Using an Extra Mirror

Posted by admin on October 24, 2011

Most inline red laser pointers require an extra mirror that is transparent to the CO2 laser wavelength, but reflects the red laser beam.  The mirror is setup at 45 degrees to the path of the C02 laser beam. I don't really have much space to easily mount that, nor do I want to buy more mirrors and mounts.  This device allows for an inline red laser pointer, without adding an extra mirror to the setup. The red laser drops down into the laser path when the door is opened (and the laser is off). It is designed for the 2.x laser, but can be adapted to other designs.

It was made on my UP! 3D printer. If you don't have a 3D printer, let me know and you can buy a set from me.  Here are the files if you would like to print it out on your printer:

DOWNLOAD: 111023 inline red laser pointer STL files


CAD showing the door closed and laser in the up position.  The door closed (laser interrupt) switch is by the lever part, not by the door.  So the red laser has to be up and out of the way of the main laser beam in order to close the switch.


CAD showing the door open and the laser in the down position.  Now the laser is inline with the normal beam, and will create a red alignment dot on the part to be lasered.


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