Laser Tube and Mirrors Alignment Device

Posted by admin on October 23, 2011

The laser tube mounts and mirrors must be aligned before the laser can be used. It's kind of difficult when the laser you're using is invisble and can burn something within a millisecond.  I designed and made a mount for a red laser pointer to be used to help in aligning everything before inserting the laser tube.  It is also useful for test running the whole machine prior to laser install.

The files can be downloaded here:

Laser Tube & Mirrors Alignment fixture Solidworks and STL Files

The way this works is that the piece to the left goes closest to the exit of the laser tube, and the piece to the right holds the red laser at the opposite laser mount, close to the rear of the tube.  The left piece has a pinhole in the center.  The laser must be aligned to shine through the pinhole.  This assures that the beam is properly aligned down the center of the laser mounts.  Then the mirrors can be aligned. Once everything is set, one screw on each laser mount is unscrewed, the alignment tools removed, the laser tube inserted, and the screw retightened.  Everything should be properly aligned at that point.

NOTE:  The left print looks thin in the center, because it missed a few layers due to my error while swapping filament mid print.  The machine print's beautiful... I'm the one that messes up.


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